Good News 8171 Ehsas program 25000 BISP news | How to release withheld money?

8171 Ehsas program 25000 BISP :

Surveys must be conducted, if you do not conduct the survey, then your money will stop and along with this, some women do not need to conduct the survey anymore. You have followed this policy. We bring you the information that is always beneficial for you. We have brought you the information that gives you unprecedented income. The difference between projects of the program will continue to get the money of the program, your money will not stop if you work according to the formula, and then start. No, a large number of people applied according to the method we told them and did their survey again, then their money did not stop after that.

How to release withheld money?

If you follow this policy, first of all, we want to tell you what you have to do. Three types of women have been mentioned here by the government. Two types of families will have their money stopped here, but if they get the survey updated or restored, then they will continue to receive money. If they don’t do it, then it is possible. That their money will be stopped and some families are also afraid that if we go for the survey, our new installment will not come and thus our money will be stopped, so listen to this If you don’t go for the survey or don’t update, then the money will be stopped anyway because when the government asks you to update your survey or register or your data. 

Registration is mandatory:

Get it updated, if you don’t do this, then your money will stop getting anyway, so today I will tell you the method through which your money will not stop getting The survey will also be updated, so the biggest update here is who was issued by the government to the women and who received the installment here and when you received it and after that you did it. After going to the portal and checking, you were told there that you should get your registration done, if you don’t get your full registration done, then your required money will be stopped and in addition to the innocent families, the message from 8171 here is innocent. It has been said that your registration is mandatory or you have to update your survey, then those families will also conduct the survey now.

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How will you go to the portal and check? 

How will you go to the portal and check? This is the portal, it has to be opened. After opening, when you look here, you will see this status. This status is here. You are not eligible for the sponsorship program if you have not completed the survey after this date. Please visit your nearest registration center on the given date for re-acknowledgment. Bring your Hamrah Nadra ID Card and Bay Form. If you don’t have an electricity bill or a gas bill, you are more likely to be sent back and you are not kept for registration here and are told that electricity. bill or gas bill, after that you will have to register here, then it is mandatory and along with this, let me tell you that two types of women need to be surveyed and whose money we stop. They are also required to complete the survey.

 A category who do not need to complete the survey:

 Apart from this, there is a category who do not need to complete the survey. Viewers are those who completed the survey within 24 hours of 2024 and after that, they are receiving money. There is no need to do the survey again now but if you surveyed in 2023 then if you did it before that you may need to do the survey here and that too before June 2023. This is good news for new families as well as for those who are already enrolled and are likely to have their money stopped, you must follow this update. The number one thing to do is for the government to include you in the pencil income program so that you can be sponsored here to give you some net cash and to support your children who are educated. 

Additional scholarships for children:

Some scholarships can be given in addition to the Nashunuma Mails Income Support Program you can code here. It happens now how to know PMD and how you guys can qualify. This is also a big update that I am sharing with people. When the government asks you to survey the Men’s Income Support Program, then you need to make the children’s form mandatory. If you have five children, you have two. You went to the office with the form and registered, then your family will be a small concept here, so you and two of your children will be four here, then it is a mistake when the government says it has been said that all the children have a B-form, so if they are repentant, even if they are two years old, every child who has an ID card should be made homeless. 

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All things are taken by you people verbally you will say anything there, and your words will not be believed, records are requested from Nadra, which is your dynamic and history, recording from Nadra is found in it. It is seen that after that, your grandmother lives with you, grandmother lives with you or your grandmother also lives with you in your family, so you must enter her name also if you have an aunt or someone else with you. If your loved one lives, then you have to object if he is registered here first, then the family will grow here and this is a very important thing. will support them here, will qualify them here, if you look at the poverty score of the government here, it will show less if there is a small family, then it will have a higher school, so every time you update the survey. If you want to do or register, then you must show your big family. 

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