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8171 ehsaas program Stipend Update8171 ehsaas program Stipend Update

8171 ehsaas program Stipend Update

You have already registered for the Benazir Income Support Program or the Benazir Ko Palat Program, or you have just made a new registration, so what is your eligibility? Want to know whether I am eligible for this or selected or not? How will they check you or are you already registered and receive your quota after every three months and want to check again? What is the amount of money in my account that I have received which I have to go and collect from the support center in which one of your sponsors and your friends who have also registered their children for the stipend.

Stipends Update 

Their stipend will also be included in this, so the support program has made a separate web portal for them, so you can go to it and check it by entering your ID card number. In order to check both the amount you have received in your sponsorship program, they have created a web portal which is 8171. You can simply go to it and enter your ID card number. For that, you simply use any of your internet browsers or you can use any internet browser from your mobile phone. In front of you is the official web portal, the link will go up, click on it, then after clicking, you will see this in front of you. To check, this porter will be shown, so here you simply enter your ID card number and here the code that is being shown in front of you, they will write it here. If you click, as soon as your friends click on the option to know you, then if you are eligible, your status will be shown in front of you, and if you are not eligible or you have not registered already. So the option you have in front of you will be the show where they are saying that please visit your nearest registration center to register in the survey or visit the Benny registration counters set up at certain utility stores. 

Those Are Registered 

If you have not already registered, then you will get this option, so next I will make you check that if your money has arrived, it is fine in your account, then what status will you see? Friends, if you have registered Already before and you collect your own money every three months, then you will have this status show or you have just done a new registration and you are busy in the sponsorship program at Benazir Education. If you are eligible for scholarships, you will still have this status show in which the amount may be less or more depending on the number of children you have enrolled. You will have this status show in which you are getting the show written here in which they are saying that you are eligible for the Kafalat program if you have recently withdrawn ok Rs 15500 including education scholarship. Because they are also included in their educational scholarships, ok, if you have not received the amount of one, go to the nearest payment center established in your district and collect the money. 

Registered yourself 

Register yourself in the program as soon as possible in the dynamic registry, you must bring your Nadra ID card and bay form with you. Ok, and next they are saying that you are eligible for subsidy at the Jaldi store. If you can, if you are eligible for this scheme, there is a panel in Benzi Uncle Support Program, then you will have this setting show, so you can check your ID card in this way and also check your status. 

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