8171 Ehsaas Program BISP NEWS  Competition of Applicants on CM Bike Scheme May 2024

8171 Ehsaas Program BISP NEWS  Competition of Applicants on CM Bike Scheme 

2024, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif launched the petrol and electric bike scheme in Punjab, aiming to offer affordable transportation solutions. However, due to maintenance and security concerns, electric bikes were later excluded from the scheme. The registration period lasted 

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Registration Statistics

Total applicants numbered 57,370, while the number of bikes available for distribution stood at 19,000. This intense competition resulted in an average of approximately 3 applicants per bike.

Why Were Electric Bikes Excluded?

Electric bikes were excluded due to concerns over the high cost of battery maintenance and the risk of theft.

Applicants’ Preference for Petrol Bikes

All 57,370 applicants opted for petrol bikes after electric bikes were removed from the scheme.

Registration Requirements It is crucial to fulfill all registration requirements to be considered for the CM bike scheme. Incomplete registrations or blank application forms will render applicants ineligible.

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Applying for the Punjab Bicycle Scheme

Complete your enlistment in the Punjab Bicycle Plot. Salafis who total their enrollment prepare will be qualified for enrollment. After that, the enlistment handle will near. In this manner, completing your enlistment right presently and including your title to the understudy enlist is fundamental. All the enlistment strategies are listed:

Online Entry: The Punjab government has set up a committed online entry for application accommodation. Understudies can make an account and yield their application electronically.

Important Note: Applications without a substantial driving permit will rejected.

Detailed Enrollment Direct: A comprehensive direct laying out the whole enrollment handle can found on this site. We suggest altogether looking into the direct some time recently applying.

Offline Enlistment: Right now, no offline enrollment alternative is accessible. The Punjab government empowers all understudies to utilize the online entrance to apply.

Benefits of the Punjab Bicycle Scheme

The point of the Punjab Bicycle Plot, begun by Ms. Maryam Nawaz, is to make the understudies free so that they can get freed of the challenges they confront in their instructive things. Get freed of the issues of going to schools and colleges. The benefits of this plot are:

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Easy Proprietorship: Procure your dream bicycle through helpful installments with zero intrigued charges.

Reduced Travel Costs: Spare altogether on day by day travel costs, making budgeting easier.

Eco-Friendly Choice (Electric Bicycles): Contribute to a cleaner environment by selecting an electric bicycle. (Note: This advantage applies as it were to electric bikes)

Peace of Intellect: The program points to decrease street mischances by giving understudies with dependable transportation.


How many people have applied for petrol bikes?

All 57,370 applicants applied for petrol bikes as electric bikes were no longer part of the scheme.

What happens if an applicant hasn’t completed the registration process correctly?

Incomplete registrations or blank application forms will lead to disqualification from the scheme.


The CM bike scheme in Punjab has garnered significant interest, with 57,370 applicants vying for 19,000 bikes. With electric bikes excluded, all applicants are focused on obtaining petrol bikes. It is imperative for applicants to ensure the correct completion of the registration process to qualify for the scheme.

Final Word

The CM bike scheme reflects a commendable effort to address transportation challenges in Punjab. The overwhelming response underscores the importance of such initiatives in providing affordable mobility solutions to the public.

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