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8171 Ehsaas program 25000 Bisp :

The government of Pakistan has given a huge relief to the people, in total is going to get a relief of 25 thousand rupees. How to apply under the 25 thousand Eid relief Ramadan package. They can include offering flowers to those who have identity guards and they take money from Benazir whether they don’t or not.

In this, you will be included in the ration plan as well as the new one. What will be the procedure to apply? Stay tuned, there is great news this time that is going to be delivered to you, finally, you are going to get benefits under the new Eid relief Ramadan package from the government of Pakistan.

All the Chief Ministers have participated in it has been decided that now a huge relief will be given to the people, not only in the form of money but also in the form of ration, now you are going to get relief. Is it clear from the government that if you also take money from Ben Nasir Income Support Brand, you get money before or if you don’t get it, now there is no problem for you, there is no problem.


You can clarify your eligibility by joining this new program. It will not mean that your installment of Rs. 10,500 will also be stopped, but this is not the case. will be done and under further relief, you are also going to get its subs on the ration prop of 10/500 rupees with whom the PMT score allotted by the government of Pakistan is running on its 32 but the ration.

If you apply for the plan, you will need a total score of 40 for your registration, and those ineligible people will also be able to apply who are not getting money because their money was given to them for some reason As of now, they are undergoing verification, so such persons can also apply, there will be no problem for them.

So those who will set up their message will do 71 percent as soon as they know about the eligibility, which will be given to status up.

Benazir Income Support Fund:

If your eligibility is not shown there, you can take your ID card to the office of Benazir Income Support Fund and do your new registration there, while your ID card is a And you can also apply under the program. The trick to applying for the up-ration program is that you will take your ID card to the utility store, where the verification of your ID card will be done.

It will be installed and there you will also be provided with relief from the utility store under the Ramadan package, while the government of Pakistan has given an end to starting the free ATA scheme in all the provinces. You can apply 80 70 quote will be issued by the government, the procedure to apply will also be quick, and you will also be able to receive up to 10500 rupees. The has been sent to the payment accounts by the government of Pakistan. 

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