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8171 check online registration login verification and survey

You can check Benazir’s and Ehsaas children’s programs and Ehsaas Nishnooma’s money sitting at home in just one minute. You will get the full details. what is there, then you have to go to Google and search the same website and go there and check your wife and your money. There are three ways to check money, I will tell you, people, so here you can also see above that this is a web portal created by the government through which you can check your money and your wife’s. This is a new portal, the government seal is also attached here and Benazir’s seal is also attached here. If you have done it then one thing you have to remember is if you have not done the survey here then where can you go you are not eligible for this program people who have only done a mean survey.

Portal verification:

Here the portal will tell that it is under verification and all the other people who have not done their survey are eligible, another message will be displayed. Here you have to write your National Identity Card number. It’s ok, as I write it here. In front of you, here I wrote the identity card number. After that, the code below is 64 and 21. Ok, this is the code. People. OK, here I will write the code 64 21. After that, let’s see how they respond to what we have. OK, so I wrote the code 64 21 here. As soon as I click on it, a new dashboard will appear in front of me, and here you can see that I’m told that the ID number has been added to the dynamic registry and checked. 

Promotion via SMS from 81 71:

After that, you will be prompted via SMS from 81 71 regarding the eligibility which is being checked what is the option for those who are important people I will also show you the screen. What about those who are eligible for its website also I tell you people that if you want to check your money in this way then I tell you its website WW81 71.BI spot jiv this is his website ok type it in Google above this website then it will go here you can check your money here you can also check your eligibility for both works You can do it, that’s right, and what is written on those who are eligible.

Baltistan Azad Kashmir:

If you are from Baltistan Azad Kashmir then you can check your money from bank Alfala devices and ATM the way to check money from an ATM is you go to ATM the Biometric ATM There should be an enter button written there, somewhere it is an green, somewhere it is white, OK, you will click on it, there you will see a benign sponsorship option, you have to click on it. You have to write the ID card number, it’s fine, as soon as you write it, you will have the option to withdraw money or check balance, then you can withdraw money or check balance by clicking on it. I have told you about the methods, through the helpline number, through the devices, through the ATM, you can also check it by going to the top of the ATM, you can also check it by going to the top of the portal. 

The fifth and last method for you guys is that you can give a message like here, who is receiving the message, like whose message is it from 8171, then you can receive a message from 8171. 

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