10500 CNIC Check 8171 || 8171 Check BISP Benazir income support Ehsas Kafalat program trench 8171

8171 Check BISP Benazir income support Ehsas Kafalat program trench 8171

Under the Income Sports Program, an amount of Rs. 9000 is being paid to 16975 women. This payment of ISP is being made for three months from March to June this year.survey done in which the 8171 Check BISP Benazir income support Ehsas Kafalat program trench 8171 people also have to get this survey done, it is natural for those who are taking money new car. Using which, ₹ 10,500 will be taken by those who will be Ahal for the first time or those who are Ahal, who have earlier received 8500 or 9000, they can also take

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 10,500. Based on the survey of this program

 we will give you everything together. We are going to tell you in today’s video that you will be able to get complete details. First of all, there is a danger for those people who are not included in this program or want to be, how will they join this program and what will be issued to them. Apart from this, there is a big danger for those people who are Ahl,

 Government will kill them that work is very important,

 with that in mind the government issued a deadline of 31st December, a deadline of 31st January was issued and then 29th February. After all, 30th June is a day on which many people will be killed who will not get their new dynamic survey done. Let’s move towards the details.

 Benefit from Benazir Income Support Program

There is g today’s important update, ood news for the porters that their case is being paid in February and their payment has been increased which will be run as a special train where earlier, on the basis of Rs 8500 or Rs 9000 earlier, Rs 12000 is also being charged to the  Income Support Program. In this regard, the authentic news and updates

Income Support Program. In this regard, the authentic news and updates will be shared with you, so stay with me, I will kindly tell you that those whose children are already registered in schools and their If the attendance has been completed at 70, then along with the increase of 25, two periodic installments will also be issued to them, then the women whose payment has already started and who did not get the children’s scholarship last time, will be given this time. Scholarships are being given to those children.

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process has been completed installment of Rs. 100500 2024

 Remember that those women whose children have gone to some other school are requested to get their children re-registered with this school or the school where your children are currently enrolled. Get those children verified again from the place where they are receiving education so that the scholarship for your children can be released to you. Similarly, authentic news is being shared with you about the women who got their new dynamic survey done. If their verification process has been completed, then their full installment of Rs. 100500 has been released in March, which has started being received now and the installment of those women whose verification process has not been completed, will continue till June 2024. 

 Today’s important update, 

 The implementation is going on, so today’s important update, I am going to share with you that the women who have got the survey done and their investigation is coming on 81 71 web portal, then according to the new policy of the government, they will be sorted out. It has been given that now they will start getting payment, so in the end pay I will tell you that according to the new policy of the government, now the women who have become eligible will now have to get a new survey done after every 2 years and those who have not become eligible. We will also get our survey done again after 2 years and after seeing the poverty score of the beneficiary and the gardener’s condition, consideration will be given to releasing the next installment. That’s all for today, remember in your prayers, stay happy, share happiness and salute.today’s important update, porters. Now we will come at 0500, Benazir Talimi will be trained here.

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