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8171 BISP Program online check by message8171 BISP Program online check by message

8171 BISP Program online check by message

According to which you will receive three types of messages from the government and the three types of messages have different meanings. There will be and the aid on them will also be different. There are two types of messages.

Important update About 8171

First important update is according to the message sent to you by 8171 from the government. There is a message of ration in it and this message has been issued by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, a message is being forwarded by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif in all provinces to those who have not yet received ration. And those whose poverty score is from 1 to 60, that is, their PMT score is from 1 to 60, have received this message. Let it go and after that the other type of message will also be shared with you people, so first of all, the message that the government of Pakistan has sent to you will be of this type, those who will receive it, they know this. For those who have not received it yet, check here. It is stated here that Ms. Bibi ID card number from the government is written here and along with it the amount of Benazir Kafalat program is written that Ms. Jo Bibi.

Eligible Benazir Kafalat program 

If you are eligible for the Banizer Kafalat program, you should go to the Habib Bank payment center established in your district with your original ID card and collect the installment of Rs.10,000 if you have not already received the installment of Rs.10,500. So, firstly, this is a message to you people, it has become innocent to many families, due to which another new installment of 10 thousand 500 rupees is being received here, but the problem is that there is another message along with it. There are many families in which you are being told about the ration, what is this message, I will also show you on the screen. Here, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif issued a circular across the country, according to which now the ration is being given to the people here.

How to join

You can also join other programs and those who don’t need to go far can go to the utility store and get the message delivered by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Prime Minister of Pakistan’s special Raed package of 7.5 billion rupees on 19 basic Asia for up to 60 PM of BISP registered families is being given here. You can go to the nearest office of SP and collect it or you can receive the package from the utility store and along with this there is another message and the third message is very important. As we have already informed you people that the government is going to freeze your money in the future, now the time has come that your money will be frozen here but there is still one step up if you complete this time, keeping this policy of the government in your mind, you can still get this assistance. 

Good news for BISP 

There is good news for those who have not received anything and here is a little bit of back news for those who have been part of the BN Income Support Program for two to three years to four years and the money they have here should be taken monthly. Not only that, there are some families who were a part of this program during the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the payments they have here have been made by the government and their money was never stopped. So now, according to the latest policy, a third message is going to be sent to you people, and to those who get this third message, 

Eligibility Criteria 

Let me tell them that you should not worry, you have one thing to do. All you have to do is do what the government tells you to do. If you do, you still have about a 90 percent chance of being qualified. If you take the time, you will not get any benefit from here, so the programs that are being brought here by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif for you people, these are federal level programs and all the provinces are being taken along here. Here some new programs have been introduced by Ali Amin Gandapur and in the same way Maryam Nawaz has also introduced the program for you people but the program of Shehbaz Sharif is of BISP and It is necessary to be eligible in BISP program. If you join the project of BISB and become eligible after applying, then you get support here for three to four years, but before that, let me tell you this. If you make a mistake due to which you become ineligible and you think that you are entitled and deserving, then after that you are not included for two years, so it is necessary 

Conduct Dynamic Survey 

When you have to conduct a survey or for dynamic copying, you have to go to their office.The details are first nets and after that you people have to go there when complete information will be with you then it will be easy for you people to register and you can also get a chance to join twenty programs if You get registered like this, you don’t know anything, the record doesn’t match you, you don’t have a full brother, so you won’t be part of the program, so here are the third type of families from the government. To whom this message is being forwarded that your objection has not been done in the dynamic registry, so you should do the survey or it should be said that you will get it when you are in the dynamic registry. For this reason, you have to go to Afs again. Earlier, the government used to ask the questions orally and set the exam according to that, but now the regular government has set a system according to which you people. is being made a part of this program. The new survey that has been launched by the government for the public is very important if you have done the new survey and in it you have written your entire family size i.e. the number of children. Given the record of all the children, gave the record of the people who live in the house and you have become a big family and the sources of income you have are limited, then you include people in Benazir Income Support Program by the government.

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