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See what is the good news that you must have heard yesterday that there is a lot of talk about the Benazir Income Support Program. The next episode, which is our episode from April to June, will be released in the new episode. I must have heard that the next episode will be released in Mayab now if the income support program is not available. Looking at the system, the invisible income support program is paid monthly and every three months by whom. The next installment will be from April to June, that is, April, May, and June. It is the installment of the month and the chances are that this installment will be paid in June, but today there are rumors about who it will be.

Yes, it will be given before Joule i.e. in the first week of May. From the Balg card of the support program, i.e. the 2s that were bailed after Imran Khan’s government, these families’ re-dynamics survey was done so there are plenty of cards out of all the cards that have been tested. There are quite a few cars that were not done in the previous episode and have yet to be released. Many black cards were still under scrutiny after the dynamic survey was kept under scrutiny. It has become difficult for them now that the portal has been updated and now their cards are de-verified. They have been declared eligible. 

Biller cards:

Now all the biller cards were making money earlier, but from 2019 to 2021, yada again. They have done their work in the dynamics survey and they have checked the 81 and now that they have is going to be poor soon. Now how long will it last? By releasing their episode in the first week of May, they conducted the survey and after the survey, they were on the job, so now they will check their card, and then the job is done. And in the first week of May, hopefully, their money will go. only those who were getting money later became childless, so their cards are eligible. have been done and some such cards have also been added, but they have not received any money and they have done the Dynamics Survey. 

After getting his car done, his car was lying under inspection, so now his car is also enough. The installment is also expected to be released in the first week of May i.e. those who were balk cards and those who were fresh beneficiaries i.e. earlier they have never received money for the first time doing a dyna survey and were wondering if they would check and qualify. If the status will come then the name of their episode is Inshallah.

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Let’s look at the things that are going around about the release of the regular manifestos in May.

There is no truth in those who are regular beneficiaries, that is, those who have been taking money, then their installments were released in the door. There is no possibility that the episode will be released in Murree, God willing, the only hope is that this episode will be released in June.

If it is done, don’t pay attention to what anyone says, and keep in mind that if you are already getting money and you have received your installment in March and April, then in May, please do not deal with the bank card holders. But you also go and get your cards checked and rush there. 

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