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The information that we are going to share with you on this platform is information about the portal in 871, that is, about this 8171 web portal. In the web portal, because flour was being distributed, you could have found out whether you were eligible for flour or not or whether you were eligible for 2000 in Sindh or not, but now this portal is again How can you check your eligibility and how can you check the eligibility and non-eligibility of people.

Who is eligible and ineligible with the database of dynamic registry? 

Who is eligible and ineligible with the database of dynamic registry? whether you are eligible or ineligible or you can also check if you have to register then on which date you can register and with the help of this you can check that your Registration is on such date If it is to happen, you should go on this date so that you don’t face any problems. Let’s start, but before that, all friends who are newly connected with us, please subscribe to our channel. Turn on the notification so that every new video will get an informational notification and to know it, we go to the screen of our mobile first. 8 and 7. 

SMS regarding the eligibility:

We have searched at the top, and we have an 8.7 portal, when you search, you will see a menu like this, which shows that you can check your national identity card. I will discuss the various options we have in this first I am looking for an ID card that you have recently registered in the survey after giving it. You have been added to the Dramatic Register after verification 8171 you will receive an SMS regarding the eligibility and also when we find out again we will now search for the ID card which is yet to be enrolled in the dynamic but has Maybe when you search for it, what kind of text will we get or what will it give us? There is no help for the program. Searches for an ID card What does this portal say about what has happened? 

We also check the head in it. When we put the ID card in it, it gives us a search against your ID card. They will have the information and you will know that it is saying yes you are eligible for the free program if you have not received 50 rupees recently then they will tell you to your district house go to the center and receive the money.

If you do, you can become up-race with the help of the porter, you can find out like your money if you had registered, you are eligible or you have a palace and you are sitting at home, all your symptoms are by yourself. You can check for all those who want to get their registration, our message for them is that you should first search the portal that you have, after searching, what is there will be lost so that you can avoid it.

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