8171 Benazir Income Support Program New Update 2024

8171 Benazir Income Support Program New Update

The final date of Rs 10500 has been announced from the viewers. On behalf of the government, their status is being shown on the portal, this time they will be released their payment or not, and a large number of people with 938 are also included. It may seem that a great news has come for the new surveyors, while there has also been an important update regarding the Director General of Benazir Income Support Fund. We will give you the complete details.

Latest Big News 

The latest big news of the time is this, so congratulations to all the people, the sermon has been announced to release the new episode 10500 rupees, but Now a large number of people do not know which people will get payment this time, which people will be deprived, will the payment be issued to everyone this time, because the payment this time should be issued from the centers. That different centers are being built by the government of Pakistan so that they can go up and withdraw their payments from there. Those whose money had not been received were still there, and those who had received their payment had already turned to the cents or reached the place where the money was withdrawn, so now their The game news is that as soon as you enter through the gate of the app center, you will first be given a token of your payment, in which you will also be checked to see how much payment you have made. Yes, if your payment has not been made, then you will be sent back, those who have made payment, then they will be made a payment cake token and noted there that your payment has been made and your BSP go and receive it from the representative.

938 Error Update 

They include those who are regular benefits, they already get money, they will also get money this time, while on the second place are those who are either in the error of 938 Their court has been placed first. If their code is not found or they are fingered, they have repeatedly made their match and put themselves in the error of 938. Now, at least 60 percent of such women have This time the new payment will be received for 10,500 rupees. If their previous payment is left and they have not received it, then they will also get this payment. It has been a month that they have gone to the charge check in the early days, so they will know only in the month of June whether the government qualifies them or puts them in the list of those who are ineligible. Those who have been charged for two months and their process has been completed, then they will also get a payment of 10500 rupees this time. For them, the government of Pakistan has not said that you should go to receive payment, but for them, the government of Pakistan has announced that if you reduce your PMT score.

Who Are Qualify BISP Payment 

Only then you If you can qualify for your payment, these were some of the important things. has placed that important information for you in front of you. From May 13, the new rate of Rs. 10500 is going to be started. Also, check your ID card number on the portal of 8171 so that you do not have to worry about it. If your payment has not been received and you go to take your payment, check your payment first, like the video at the end of the video and also subscribe to our YouTube channel Saqeel Sach.

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