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BISP 8171 Portal

BISP 8171 Portal

What were you guys doing while waiting? Here is a very good news. Where will it be received and which people will get it, will it include children’s education scholarships or not, those who had the 938 code are also very worried about yes, we will get it or not. Apart from that, the eligible people were saying Sir, our status is that we are eligible, and if our payment is not shown, will they get this installment or not? They were saying, “Sir, how will I get it or not? The first thing we have done is to decide on the payment. What is the payment? What will you get from the camp side?” You will find a shop that is Camposide. What is the benefit of this? What do we do? So we make a center and in this center, we have 20 to 25 retailers, so we seat them there and then what we do is women come there and they pay them again, and from that it is for us.

Visit any Registered shop or center:

It is easy enough because the monitoring that we do at the shops is very difficult, so what have we done in this regard, we have imposed three charges on each center, we have imposed the duty of three employees, which will be as many as our centers. How many employees will have the duty there? There will be three people who will have the duty. First of all, what you people have to do is to tell them who will be in charge of our center there. Rest will also be done and recovery will also be done on the occasion of you people, so this work must be done by you people. At this time, we had taken a lot of action, we had shut down many devices and arrested many people.

Further process:

This time, we are going to take even more next-level, strict action. Go out and make the payment on your left side, which you guys have to take, God willing, you guys will get it in full. If it has gone above 34, then will we get it or not? They don’t get the payment because their important eligibility has not been decided. When did they go? Yes, they will get it. Apart from that, many people had 938 courts and I also told them that the code you have was done last month. It is known that 80 to 90 percent of the work had been completed, and most of them had already opened the code, so what has been listed, we have sent it forward. The previous payment that used to be the children’s money, that used to be their own, they will also get this, so what can they do out of the 13, they can go and get their payment, then their code shoot. 

Payment children’s stipend:

There is also the one which was established by the former Khan of the country until that time, then it has also ended and has opened. In addition, there are people, what happened last time, who took out their payment children’s stipend. and they have taken it because the stipend we are giving to the children is in October, November, and December, but we are not giving it to those in January and February. They will get it in July. Therefore, parents who have not received their previous stipend for November and December, what will be done with it?

The transfer will be done and they can also take the payment of the children. Now, those who have taken the payment for November, and December, will not get it yet. January, February, and March, when the verification is complete. If it is done, they will get the payment in July and they will get a renewed appeal. Besides, many women have done the same.

Verified your status isn’t eligible or not:

Or will not get it and then the question is being asked that it has been two whole days, we check on the portal, where is the portal not working? That up show will be like the old one which was done before, people, we have erased the data of what we are doing, we are updating it and now the payment show you will see will be the new one and it will be a mouthful payment. What you can do now is to confirm with the retailer what we are doing to update the hotel, what you can do in the next week, you can check your total payment by going to our portal. Also, for those who are verified or whose status is eligible, then what should they do? Go and check your status on 8171.

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