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8123 web portal registration online

8123 web portal registration online

A new scheme has been launched by the government under which you will get a free ration of Rs. You will be able to apply through this scheme. A new process has also been released, which you will be able to listen to properly and know how to apply.

A monthly stipend of 15 thousand rupees:

How will you be able to take advantage at the same time, the procedure of getting a monthly stipend of 15 thousand rupees for children from the government will also be explained, but before going into its full details, if you first-time word.  A monthly stipend of Rs.1000 will be given, so your children should have at least the mental and clear education they have given the papers in 2022 and they should have at least 60 to 70 percent marks, so they will be eligible for this. You can apply for how to apply their official website details are also given here like how you can benefit from this software by clicking on your children or if your education is matriculation clear. 

You can be informed about any government scheme information on this website. You can find information about visa jobs at international levels. After scrolling down below, let’s tell you about the 81 23 new programs in the government scheme. 

Some methods for online apply:

You can apply online through this portal. The method of applying online will also be properly explained to you. Secondly, if you do not want to apply online, then the second method is to use your ID card. To whom you have to SMS your ID card number to 81 23 to 81 23 SMS to your phone number to the person whose ID phone number is registered on your ID card. And you can use your ID card which is their office in your nearest city and after that on the fourth number, if you do not solve any of your problems in going to their office, then you can use the QR code.

You can do your registration by scanning the QR code, the image is running in front of you at this time. After downloading it, let us tell you here. If you want to know the details of top and similar schemes being run by the government, you can know their procedures, but those who want to get a stipend of Rs.10,000. 

Full application method by government:

First, let me tell you about the government. After understanding, you will know the full application method. The approval of the Ehsaas Ration program is to be seen. The registrations have started. The way to do this is to go to any center in Punjab and register. The third way to register is to scan our QR codes or go to this URL and register when you register. If you enter your CIC number and mobile number, you will get an OTP. By entering this page, the registration is complete and your message will also be sent. After listening to the video, you will understand the complete method. It is enough that you can get your registration done.

Some instructions for verification:

How can you enter your name and remember its details? If you go to your office or go to your nearest shop to get your ration, your biometric will be there. If you want to go, you must carry your ID card with you. Before thumb verification, you must wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

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Keep it if you better to take some educated members of the family with you and in the rakat or if you take Rashid, then count yourself calmly and go to any agent or any shop and do any kind of if you If there is a deduction, then they should not apply at all. There is no deduction in it. They will apply. The purpose of bringing it here is that all five will be from any city of Pakistan, which will be finalized by 23 December 2022.

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