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8123 Portal

8123 Portal :

Welcome, of course, the people are getting a lot of help from the government. Still, now that the government has started a new program, there is no hope at all because the government has once again started the 81 23 program and All of you can do your registration through 81 23. Still, first of all, you have to understand which people have to register through this 81 23 and under this program, you provided seven thousand rupees immediately to the eligible people. 

How can you apply to get Rs 7 thousand?

It is easy if any of you are deserving then definitely get this assistance after applying you don’t need to worry because we will tell you the complete procedure very easily How you can apply to get Rs 7 thousand and how to register yourself on 81 23 It often happens that many people do not know about the program running or this short episode. The program is being registered and at the same time they don’t know about the registration, due to which they miss out on a lot of assistance, they are not included in any assistance program, so I have repeatedly requested you to What we are going to tell you about these aid programs, you must listen to it carefully so that you can join it and you can also get aid in this new program as well as free ration. 

Update about free atta and gift hampers:

Also, update about free atta and gift hampers because now the time has come that people who have not received free atta and free ration hampers can also receive them, and yes now all you from govt. The Eid al-Fitr program is also being started for the people, how can you join it, you see, even before this, the Eid that is being given to all people, especially Sam province, Khyber Pakhtoon province, and then For many banks, you have to understand how long and which people are getting this assistance.

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Shortcode has been issued:

No such shortcode has been issued that you send an ID card on it and your registration will be done according to you as it has been done before. A new code has also been issued for Ehsaas Ration. For Tha Mukhatta also last year registration was done through 80 70 people of Sindh province were given registration process through 8171 this time nothing was done nor any portal was released means all such people who At this time, government is committing to receive this aid, they did not process it, they just came and delivered this aid to their homes. 

Database of Benazir Income Support Program:

After all, how does the government know who is entitled and who is entitled If not, first of all, the data of people whose PMT support was less than 25 has been taken from the database of Benazir Income Support Program. After that, a lot of people have also asked these questions because a lot of people who are not even part of the ISP still get these gift tampers so that is the cycle that all such people who had registered their ID card through 786 during petrol subsidy days or after that registered for free ATA through 80 70 and some people also registered through 81 23, then the data of those people.

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