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8123 new update

8123 new update :

Two more programs have been started by the government, just get your thumb verified and go to the nearest point and receive the amount of 17 thousand and 17 thousand immediately. This program has been started for the people of this program. How to SMS your ID card number to these numbers and how you will get money immediately after sending an SMS to the number, the details of this information are here. Who can apply for the funds being provided under the Doust program? 

Program of Punjab Social Protection Authority (SPA):

First of all, after saving from the main center, go to Payday with the support of the Bank of Punjab and get your ID cards. to be verified and a facility to register in the program of Punjab Social Protection Authority (SPA) will be given to you or the changed mobile number. Most of the time, it will be easy to make friends, meaning in simple words, they will tell you that this program has been started for those who are about to have children. You will be able to get it from the government and there will be another one in which the working people will not sell you their real identity. 

visit the nearest branch of the Bank of Punjab:

They will visit the nearest branch of the Bank of Punjab. TP will send your ODP page and will also bring mobile numbers of up to 80 70 to you in this program or you want and visit the nearest branch of the Bank of Punjab with the number. After receiving the request from you, you will visit the nearest branch of Bank of Punjab with the number, you will visit the nearest branch of Bank of Punjab, after receiving the request from you, your OTP. 

Your ODP page will be sent to your mobile number which is 8070 and you will be added to this program after which your bio will not be added after your biometric verification. you will be attached to the account given below and you will be able to withdraw money from your ATM or from here after that if you do not want to pay this amount from them or You want the HPL connection near you to be updated biometrically through the break of connection, those people who are disabled percentage.

Money and if it is through men, you have to go to the connected shop anywhere and pay this amount, for that you can also take the money.

 Upcoming two new Schemes of 10 thousand:

Launched for 17 whose children’s correct mobile app is or you want after verifying your biodata through your nearest HPL connection up UBL Omni or Qala De which this time up own video. You can also see on the screen of people who are going and taking this money, so you will also be able to take money. SMS to the account It is not necessary to have the Oyar Gal ID card on the well cell, those people will be able to go to their nearest point and go to their connect shop to get the money, but they also have to send an SMS to their ID card first. 

Two new schemes have been launched through 81 23 and 80, the details of which have been given in a small video, and this is accompanied by a sum of Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 10,000. You can take more and many more this time programs are running through which you can register yourself.

If you do not get this amount, then you can immediately complain on their WhatsApp number which is the time up. is on the screen and with it up The details of the Aghosh program that has been started for you are being told in today’s video if you do not get this amount, then send a voice message on WhatsApp now and a phone number has been issued to you before that. You can also call or send a message on this WhatsApp number for the updated details of the government. 

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