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786 web portal 2000 online check

786 web portal 2000 online check 2024:

Those who have registered, how can they now check their payment of 100 rupees and will also tell why those who have sent their ID card to 786 are not receiving the response and the new portal of 786. We will also inform you about the truth, so before moving forward, we request that if you have not yet to our or of each information regarding these aid programs is received from your mobile on three and first of all we talk about how you can register for 2000 and this 786 program, then, of course, I have already told many times in the s that some people are new and do not know about this, so let me tell them again that you have to write your ID card number in the message and send it to 786 from your SIM. 

ID card to 786:

Within about a week, you will get a reply message in which you will be told about your importance, so many people who have registered have sent their ID card to 786. Some have received reply messages and these are only eligibility verification messages and the payment messages will come later, so those who have received the messages are asking how we can check our payment of Rs. As of now, there is no online method to check the payment of Rs. In different s, you will be given different web portals and web links that you can click on and check your payment of Rs. Do not click on such links.


There is only one procedure: you can check your payment from your nearest Habib Bank by taking your identity card and those from KPK, i.e. Khyber. Pakhtuns, whether they are from Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir, can get their payment checked from their nearest Al-Fala bank branch, if they have not received the aid of 2000 yet, that means the registration has not been completed yet. The problem with checking is that the people are heating the water and crushing it. It is good for those people. Look, there is a problem with checking. Those people should be patient because yours is being checked right now, sir. After the record is done, you will be told whether you will get 2000 rupees or not, you are eligible, but we are being told that you should wait for the second message from us, what does this mean? Or friends, have checked your Shanti card, so they felt that you should get 2000, so they messaged you to let you know about this. OK, now they say we will send another message to you, that is why you are saying another message that they will verify your account further. If you go to the bank, then you will be asked to wait for the second message.

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