Mon. May 27th, 2024
55000 New 8171 Registration 55000 New 8171 Registration 

55000 New 8171 Registration 

Ehsaas Program 2024 Benazir Ka Falat Program 2024. On behalf of the government, these installments will be given to different families of Rs 9000, 15000, 18000, 25000 and 36000 according to their status. The process of giving has started formally in 2024. If you also want to get registered in these programs and want to take such a case, then in today’s video we will tell you the complete method from A to Z. The people in the Kafa program. Those who had taken Rs 12000 or not, can also take this money. The government is giving a second chance to those who had applied at 8171 at that time. The year 2024 is going to be included, this is the year for the poor. It will be a year of prosperity. Firstly, Inshallah, a new government will come in 

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 Government is changing all these things in 2024

Pakistan and a nice program will be started properly. With this, the process of giving these installments to you by increasing the number of people already present, its registration will start. The method of payment of programs is being changed now, the method of giving installments like giving payment through banks, the method of registration of the program, the government is changing all these things in 2024 because you know that the income is coming daily. New

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Benazir Ka Falat Program 2024

technology is becoming available, so according to this, now in the beginning, in 2010, the money from the Kafa program used to come through the post office, some people used to get it, some did not get it, it used to come through checks and then gradually through mobile and SMS. But the code used to come, all these details were used to go to the shop, apart from this, 

the updates of the new program, we will also tell the solution to your problem one by one in 

8267 web portal

I hope all of you are well viewers who have received SMS from A2S7 i.e. the rest and have been informed about the payment that a certain amount in their account from 6000 to 12 thousand has been transferred so there are resources for those people how to check their money and from where they can do it. The app has been decommissioned from where you can check your money, just as you told us or you can check your money from which program it is coming from because people have applied for the mean program. 

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Code relevant program:

That’s all you told us that the procedure to follow is from A to Z, we have a short code that tells you about the relevant program. There is a benefit before that I request you so that all of you have a benefit but before that, I request you to press the bell icon button and click it. The message of the program is not there, but there are different programs available. You get a lot of them, then you get to know that the vehicle was applied, and then your ID card number is also written. It is necessary, this is not for someone to apply to the program, but it is known in this era, that if you send the problem number, then you will be included in this infectious program. This is completely wrong.

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