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3rd Phase Latest Payment Update3rd Phase Latest Payment Update

3rd Phase Latest Payment Update

First of all, I am going to tell you about the payment in the third phase, because those who live in the third phase are our beneficiaries, when Eid ends. So their patience was answered, they were asking in every video that when the third fee is going to start, when will the campsites in these districts become cams and when will the payment start there and there are many districts where the payment It has to be at the retailer shop, it has to be at the camp side. If not, which district are they? It will not be received and if there is a deduction, then how will you be able to complain about it? I am also going to tell you the details regularly. Besides, what is happening to the men in Balochistan, which is our district Chaman. Payment is being made, I know you will be Iran and they will taunt me and say that yesterday you were saying that yes, men, don’t check your ID card number on the 8171 rupees portal and its status too. 

Latest Payment Method Update 

Do not check and you are saying that there are men taking payment, so why are these men taking payment and how are they taking it? This is the confusion of the people. For this reason, because there is a local Hali Day, I am also going to tell people their names regularly. So that they don’t get confused there tomorrow, that’s why your attention is very important and there are a lot of people who are interested in meeting me and I invite them openly. He is the headquarter of the Benazir Income Support Program. They can meet me there in F Bila Pak Secret and I will meet them as much as possible. Assalamu Alaikum, I am Saddam Shah looking at you. I hope everyone is doing well and living their lives happily. As you know, Benazir Income Support Program. I don’t keep giving time to you guys for any new updates about If you are not a victim of this, then I am going to tell you guys, first of all, I am going to tell you about the third phase, which is the third phase of our payment. If it will start from the first week of July, the installment in your account will be transferred from the bank to your account and our camp site will also be open.

3rd Phase Latest Payment Update
3rd Phase Latest Payment Update

How To Receive Payment 

They will go and when they come, then I will also tell you their details, but there are some districts where there are a lot of security concerns, especially the districts of Khyber Talks, in which there are security concerns. For this reason, camp side is not being camped there, but this does not mean that what the retailers will do, they will cut people or pay people according to their will, it will not happen in every shop. Nazir will be a representative of the Income Support Program whenever you go there to collect payment, just like the screening of your people at the camp side, there will be a regular screening of your people and tokens will be given to you. The total payment will be written on the Ga Token, after that you will take the payment from your dealer and when you return to take the payment, your total payment will be checked whether you are taking that much payment. Or if there is any deduction from this, then what will be done on the occasion, the recovery of the people will be done regularly, then the payment that will be made to Dera Ismail Khan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, will not be made to the people from the camp side, but from whom will it be? If you will get it from the retailer shop, then what will you get from Dera Ismail Khan? 

Campsite Names

I will share with you later the names of the campsites that will be found in the set and here I would like to add one more thing especially that there were many people who were saying that Sir Saud Punjab is quite a backward area, the payment they have is being delayed, so it belongs to Nai Sahib, so don’t think like that, Rahim Yar Khan is also in Punjab, Bahawalpur is also in Punjab. Saud is also in Punjab. See, if five or six districts live in Punjab, it does not mean that you should spread negativity and think that yes, there is injustice being done to your people by the Benazir Income Support Program. Not so at all،Look, we have beneficiaries in every area in Pakistan and everyone is being given the same payment. It means that you are accepting injustice or you think like this when you are giving less payment to someone else. When the payment is being given, resources are equal for all, now women’s payment is SIM, children’s stipend is SIM, all other things are SIM, even so, it is not a good thing to think or say like this. What should people do? It should be abolished. In addition to the second number, which is our district Chaman, what is happening there in Balochistan? 

Men Receiving BISP Payment 

Men are getting paid now. The payment is not being made by Benazir Income Support Program, it is being made by HBL Bank, now it is also being made through the same retailer and it is also being made at the same place as before. We have a camp site, so you guys should not understand that the payment to the men there is going through Benazir Income Support Program. Benazir Income Support Program is giving any payment to these men. They are not being paid at all. The government of Balochistan is giving them the payment they deserve and they are giving it because of what they used to do. They used to work on Chaman, which was the border. It had been closed, so the government had announced that those who live in Chaman used to work on water, so what will we do, we will help them and what will we do for them. If you will give it, that’s why she was like that, now she was together, and they are getting one hundred thousand rupees. In many districts, our campsites will be closed. 

Gilgit CampSite Update 

Tomorrow is a holiday, so our campsites will also be closed. Do not go there, what is the whole soup of Golestan, what is there tomorrow is a holiday, someone lives in Gilgit, or someone lives in another city Ghadeer. Therefore, all the districts of Gungul Balochistan will be closed tomorrow. There are relatives, you guys have to tell them so that they don’t get dizzy tomorrow, and in my previous video, I told you guys what happened to the 39 campsite, it was closed. And if there are people who have gone there to whom you did not send my video, then they are poor people. The campsites will be such that the rush of beneficiaries will decrease, so what will happen, they will also be closed, so I will keep giving information to you people regularly and if you listen to them timely. If you do, you guys will be able to find out, then you guys will be able to avoid wandering around there, so my best wishes are with you guys.

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