3 Type Woman Payment Stop 2024

3 Type Woman Payment Stop

The waiting hours are over. The money of the Benazir Income Support Program of these three types of women has been stopped and July In this month, a large number of women will be disqualified and their money will be stopped. will update you fully and how you can save your money from being stopped, how you can keep yourself eligible, will also update you about the people who are under scrutiny and also about people who are very big. We will share the update and here we will share a very big and important update with you that many agents make a deduction while taking the installment of Benazir Income Support Program and most of the deduction cases are in this case. I am saying that they convince the beneficiaries who want to get the money a little bit faster or want to avoid the hassle and don’t want to get into the lane. You take the cut but give us the money as soon as possible and many agents do this to make their business successful. will charge so much fee for or under any other method they used to deduct from you ok now campside has been opened to eliminate this deduction but this is not the solution of this problem from campside itself. 

Who Will Disqualified 

This policy has also been formulated by the government that women who self-mutilate will also be disqualified from this program. They will be immediately disqualified from the Benazir Income Support Program. Also, let us inform you that all the new registrants of the Benazir Income Support Program are still under investigation and waiting. I wonder when their waiting hours will end, so you also have to wait a little more because in the month of September, your examination will be over and you will be eligible for this program. Let us tell you that the money of religious women is now going to be stopped. First, all such women who have done the dynamic survey and their BMT score has increased, these women have been nailed. Women who are eligible and still not doing the dynamic survey due to the risk of being ninth, all such women will also be disqualified from this program in the month of July and all such women who are eligible will be disqualified in the third place. They also conducted a dynamic survey and they make their own deductions while taking money, so all such women will be removed from this program.

3 Type Woman Payment Stop
3 Type Woman Payment Stop

Payment Deduction By Agent Solution 

It has been told that you should not deduct even a rupee from this payment to any agent, then when an agent harasses you and charges you a fee and wants to deduct from you, you also agree. It happens that it’s okay if you take the cut, then that means you’re taking the cut yourself, because the alternative is that when an agent is painting you like that, in terms of taking the cut. So you should immediately go to Benazir Income Support Program office and file a complaint against him. His throat will be cut in the next three to four days. You have to avoid three things. If you make the cut, you will be disqualified. Likewise, let us tell you that the third and final phase of the latest installment of the Benazir Kafalat program will start from the first week of July. Do it, because there are five days left from today, then your account of case-up will be credited. Remember that the status of the sponsorship program and the educational program will be released to you at the same time. 

Banking System Update 

The Benazir Income Support program and educational program have been released to all the beneficiaries. Also, another good news is that the new banking system for the Benazir Income Support Program is being launched in which six new banks are going to be added. And you will be able to get your payments from these six new banks and it is hoped that you will be able to get your payments from their bank ATMs very easily. The next one after the current one after the next installment of the sponsorship program will be launched by that time the new banking system will be fully launched.

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