3 Good news BISP in May 2024 | How To Apply On These Program 

3 Good news BISP in May

There are three big pieces of news for all of you, those who are receiving assistance from the government and those who have good news for people who have not received any assistance yet. We are also going to give you the latest and most important information. Of course, you must have heard a few days ago regarding the Nigheban card program that the government has announced to give 12 thousand rupees per family. Why it is not being launched, why its registration is not being opened and how long will its registration be open and what will be the procedure of registration will also be discussed. Regarding the episode, you will also be updated regarding the restoration of the ATM, so before proceeding to the details.

Good News About Dynamic Survey 

First thing to understand is that all the installments of the Benazir Income Support Program are released every three months and a case lasts for three months. From the nearest or research centers to your focus case very easily without any deduction. If they have been lost, then to avoid the deduction, a new painting system is being introduced by the government, which will soon transfer the payments of Benazir Income Mort Program through Six to Zayed Banks. will do and then you will be able to get your payments from the ATM machine of these new banks. It may be that now the bank and the banking machines are being restored and the new banking system is being restored, so its ATMs will not be operational immediately. Good news is going to come especially for those who do  and those who are waiting for it, first of all those who have been under examination for a long time and within the last three to four months have passed. have conducted their dynamic survey, those people are going to be a part of this program before the 15th of the next month, God willing. 

Family Face 938 Error 

Similarly, all other types of families who have been facing the 938 error regarding the Benazir Income Support Program for a long time, that means they were also eligible for Swati but they could not get it and they and the 938 error. Due to the reason, they could not get the installment from the device, then the errors of their 938 are being completely eliminated and inshallah they will also get the regular tranche of the sponsorship program coming in the next month and already. They will be able to get all the pending installments. Remember that these are the people with 938 errors, all their payments have been stored in their accounts. If there are payments, then they will be able to get all their payments from their nearest fixed centers at once. Also, let us tell you the third big good news is that, God willing, the registration of Nigehbaan card and Himmat card will also start from next month. Before that, you have been told some information about Himat card and Nigheban card, so now let’s give you a little detail about what is Nigheban card, under which certain people are given an amount of 12 thousand rupees.

Government New Program Update 

It will be provided by the government of Punjab and similarly, Hamat Guard is going to be started very soon through Baitul Mal, under which special people will be able to get assistance amounting up to 6 thousand rupees from the government. From the first week of the next month or from the second week, the registration of Nihban card and Hamat card of these aid programs is going to start. You will tell the car through which you will be able to get assistance from 12 thousand to good thousand rupees from these assistance programs by registering yourself, so if you want to get all this information and want to join these assistance programs.

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