3 Big updates For BISP Program 2024

3 Big updates For BISP Program

I will tell you how to filer. What is filed is re-railed from the Ehsaas program and when can the filer re-register, after which all the women in 938 whose records have been blocked are opened and the new women who are registered in this program. When will they get the payment and what are the reasons for the women who have not received the payment for their children? 

Women Who Are Newly Registered 

First of all, let me tell you that many women who are newly registered, but as soon as they check on the 81 portal, they are told that you are Ehsaas Kafalat. Eligible for the program but as soon as she goes to the device she is told that your payment has not yet been received and you are charged 938. Your payment has been stopped. If there is a block, how will the up payment be opened and which women will be opened and which women’s payment will not be opened, it will remain blocked. I inform all these women who try to match their finger and their payment is blocked that you do not need to send any mail etc. 

Payment block Due To 938 Code

You do not need to go to any office and play 938. Yes, it is automatic within 15 days because of biometrics, they are closed, they are opened. Well, you don’t have to go to any place and get your mail etc. to open your 938. Not uploading what is there you will have to wait 10 or automatic what is removed after that many women who are new to this program how will this 938 error go away and what do they do? What are the things required and what is their problem, I also share the standard up. There is a code of 938, which is called block, which is called the payment yet, how will it be opened? By adding their code of 238, they are opened automatically. Okay, you don’t need to go to any office. It will be fine, you will have to wait every Monday, you have to go to the device owner to check the ID card you have, then, God willing, the card you have will be opened and you will be started in this program. You can also check at 8171 portal if you want, you can also ask them on the helpline number they have given, they will tell you that you are eligible for this program. And inshaAllah you will get the installment you have soon, ok, then you will have to wait, after that there are enough women, they are second.

Checking Women Gets Payment 

We have been checking for eight months. All the women who have been checked after the dynamic registry, their payment will start in June and July, God willing.There is an 80 percent chance of being L. The rest of their chances are from re-surveys. Well, if the women who have just been screened have not urinated in the dynamic register, they should go and have their bios as soon as possible. After enrolling through matriculation, it is fine, one is women and the other is three messages saying that brother, we have become filers, so our payment has been stopped, now when will our payment start, can we do it again? Whether they will be able to join the program or not, I also inform you that all the women who used to take money from Ehsaas Kafalat program and due to some reasons have to become filers, then their payments will be stopped. It has been given, ok, now they will get the payment or not, I also tell you that the filer remains active for one year, when your non-follower will be unfollowed, your filer system will be terminated. 

Re Survey For Getting Payments 

Once your statements are done, the bankers will ask you to submit your statements again, then you cannot join this program. You have to re-enroll, you will be re-examined, you will be re-registered, after that you will join this program, you have about 80 percent chance of getting IEL, and the rest of you may get IEL. Yes, one and a half years, that filer remains active, as soon as you become a non-failure, after that you can re-join the program by registering and as many women as are included in the program and without. My request to all these women is that if you want to be a second filer, you should be a filer month. If you want to receive income support program money from me, then you should also file yourself. It is okay for them to save their husband from being a filer as well, which is a little higher tax, so that he can get the relief that he gets from the invisible income support program or all the relief packages from the government. 

How Filer Again Join BISP 

If you want to join then you don’t need to benefit if you are a filer then you won’t be able to join these programs so I want if you want to join this program Or if you want to join all the relief packages, then you don’t have to be a filer. Well, if you are a filer, then you won’t be able to join this program again. Oh, they are sending messages that the payment for our children has not been received, all the other women who had registered with me have received their payment for their children, but why I have not received the payment yet, so these women too. I would like to inform you that first of all you have to check that all the women who have registered their children in the office have not stopped their payment.

Children Stipends Update 

Or you had enrolled your children from some other place, so your payment was stopped. Yes, they are written in some other school, so as soon as the teams go and check, your children are not in these schools. Due to short attendance, they have not paid enough for the children of women, even if your children go regularly. Peace, but it has been written there that your children do not go to school, therefore, the payment of your children is not an issue, so I want them to get re-verification and there are many women whose children The payment is not due to the fact that their ID card number is not written on the children’s form, only the father’s ID card number is written and his name is written only on my form below. 

How to Check Payment 

The first thing you have to do is to go and check your forms whether your ID card numbers are written on them or not. It is not written yet this problem is solved if it is written by father and not by mother then this issue is still there then what you have to do is to check these things after that you go and ignore it. After going to the support program office, you have to get them enrolled, the children have to be updated again, their slips, etc., calmly slip them etc. Go to the office, if there is any problem, he can also comment below and also told you about my online earning that I have made a channel, if you subscribe to it too, thank you very much. I have given the link in the description, so please take care of yourself, God bless you.

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