25000 Online Registration 2024 | BISP payment withdraw By ATM 

25000 Online Registration

Two types of women have been completely stopped. They will not even be given the opportunity to register in this program for two years. There are two types of women and I will also talk about it. You will also be updated about Nigehbaan Card 12 thousand rupees. Who can receive the payments of the sponsorship program and educational scholarship program from the Up Bank ATM and not only this, we will also update you regarding the new dynamic survey of the Benazir Income Support Program. The latest information will be shared, so let’s move on to the details.

Who Done Their Dynamic Survey

We must tell you whether you have done the dynamic survey and how long it has been since your last survey, because the dynamic survey was done a little while ago. Further, you have to confirm whether you have done the dynamic survey or not, so for now, let us tell you that Benazir Under the income support program, this dynamic survey is being done with enough transparency, it is being checked who are entitled and who are not entitled and only the entitled people will be included in this program till this June. I will save all the rest will be disqualified from this program and anyway, two types of women have been tied up and they have been kicked out of this program. 

Whose PMT Score Increase 

First of all, there are women who have done their dynamic survey and their PMT score has exceeded the limit of 32. Then the money of these women has been stopped and all such women should be stopped by the month of June. For those who will not do their dynamic survey, let us also tell you that the payments of BIST are going to be received in the same month. will be done and remember that the chances of receiving these payments from the bank ATM have also increased. Who issued these first, then you will not get these payments from the bank ATM, and there is great news regarding the new banking system that, God willing, after this recent episode, the new installment will be available to you. To be provided under the new banking system, let us tell you about Nigehbaan card here that the registration of Nigehbaan card is going on but for its registration you have to go to Baitul Mal website and get yourself registered. After that, you will be able to apply for the guardian card or the courage card, so it is necessary that only disabled people can apply for it and get assistance and not all disabled people. 

Disabled Person Program Update 

Only registered disabled persons who have a disability certificate will register themselves by going to Baitul Mal website for registration. If they do not have a disability certificate then they will not be able to register. If you want to know the complete procedure, then write yes in the comment section of this video. We will tell you the complete procedure in the next videos. Also, let us tell you that you can apply for the Aghosh program, which is only for people of Punjab province. has been issued for and you can register yourself in the Benazir Development Program by going to the nearest office of the Benazir Income Support Program. If you want to know the complete procedure of registration, then write yes in the comment section and like the video. So if you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet, then subscribe, take care of yourself, Allah has given us permission

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