25000 Online Registration process 2024

25000 Online Registration process

These three types of women have been disqualified from the Ap Benazir Kafalat program. Why have they been removed from this program and which three types are they? There are women who will not get any assistance from this program, they will tell you the complete details and along with this, they will also tell you the procedure to get assistance up to 25 thousand rupees from the government. Till now there is no assistance from the government, how can they get it, what is the procedure. We will also update you about the details. 

Installment Update 

Regarding the installments, you know who has been released in two phases in which the first phase is ongoing. There is a problem due to the rush, but based on the government orders, these installments are available only at Campside for now and you must tell us in the comments whether it is easy to take this installment from Campside or similar to the shops. You used to get the installment easily, you have to tell us in the comments. Inshallah, the second phase is going to start from the first week of June, so all the beneficiaries who are waiting will start getting installments. Remember that this time, the installments of the Kafalat program and educational mind program will be released simultaneously. are being done, so that you will not have to wait separately for once you get the installment of the sponsorship program and then after some time you will be given both the installments at the same time, as is the case with children. There are three types of women who are now permanently disqualified from the program. 

Who Don’t Done Dynamic Survey 

The first is women who have registered their Dynamic Survey and have a PMT score above 32. If left, all such women are also excluded from the program for two years, after two years they will be re-surveyed and then it will be seen if their PMT score remains below 32, then they become eligible. Similarly, women who were previously eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program but now have registered a vehicle in their name or bought a land, have it been registered in their name or their bank account. 10 lakhs or more from the account, then all such women have also been expelled from this program for two years. Benazir was under scrutiny after registering herself in the Income Support Program and some of the beneficiaries have been qualified but a large number of women have been disqualified and it has been reported that up to 30 Make your re-survey mandatory before June 2024. 

Who are Disqualified In Dynamic Survey 

Similarly, women who have not yet registered their dynamic survey will also be disqualified from this program after June 30, 2024. Women who are women can also appeal, for that they can go to the nearest BISP Hafiz and get updated with their appeal, but the chances of the appeal being approved are very low, so they can also put up a guard because You are given a right that if you feel that you have been misled, then you can appeal and re-list. Likewise, the 81 Qatar web portal is being updated. All the eligible beneficiaries are also being told that they are eligible in the 8171 web portal, so they should wait a little bit. Inshallah, after June 5, the 81 Qatar web portal will be completely updated. Those who are ineligible will not be seen on the web portal and those who are eligible will be declared eligible and after June 5th you will be able to check all your payments from the Scatter portal even before that. The stage people are checking their payments so more new updates.

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