Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
25000 New Payment25000 New Payment

25000 New Payment Online Apply

There is great news for all of you. The government has released great news because now many women should be given assistance up to 25 thousand rupees. First of all, we are updating you regarding this assistance amount of 25 thousand rupees, you will be updated with complete details that the game people will get assistance of 25 thousand rupees and how to get it. The complete information will be given to you and along with this the new Benazir Kafalat program has been started through an ATM and the final date will also be given to you regarding this ATM if you also  Want to get all these payments through the ATM, want to get money.

Third Phase New update 

The third and last phase of the recent case of Rs 10-500 has also started, you got money. If you are or not. Under the Benazir Income Support Program, those who have registered within the last four months and are still under verification, the good news for all such people is that they will be verified in the month of September, God willing. Scrutiny will be completed and they will be confirmed about their eligibility.Also keep you updated regarding the latest installment of Benazir Income Support Program as the third and final phase of the latest has started which Under this, the cases of all the remaining beneficiaries have been released, the beneficiaries who were not able to join the stages at first, now this case has been released to all these beneficiaries and yes, the good news is that, God willing, on the 15th of the same month.

25000 New Payment Online Apply
25000 New Payment Online Apply

How To Receive Payment by ATM 

You are starting to receive Benazir Income Support Program money from ATMs, after which you will be able to check your payments very easily, and you will be able to receive your payments through ATMs. You know that all such women who have been taking money for the last two or three years and who are also being shown on the 81 Qatar web portal should go to the nearest office and get their survey done. Do the survey otherwise they will be removed from this program by the last date of the same month and will not be eligible for this program for another two years. In the budget of the year, the budget has been presented for the Benazir Income Support Program with a 27 percent increase and as soon as this 27 percent increase is applied, the cost of the sponsorship program will increase from Rs 10,500 to Rs 12,500 or full Rs 13,000. So this increase has not yet been applied, neither is anyone getting an installment of 13,000 rupees, nor is anyone getting an installment of 12,500 rupees.

Benazir Kafalat Program Updates 

The installment of the sponsorship program is still only 10,500 rupees. If you are getting payments more than Rs.10500 then it will include education program payments because the installment of  program and the amount of education program are transferred to your accounts at the same time. Important information is going to be given that all such people who are going to do dynamic surveys or re-registration and do not want to disqualify themselves from this program want to remain eligible as well as people who have been paying for many years. Now they are at risk of being ineligible. Well, an authentic reminder for all people is to make their registration mandatory in all three programs of Benazir Income Support Program so that they can be selected as regular beneficiaries for Benazir Income Support Program.


 And this will help you a lot. Yes, my point is that first of all, if you are eligible for the Benazir Kafalat program, you should immediately enroll your school-going children in the education scholarship program. It should be noted that in the same way, there is a big Benazir Income Support Program, which is named as Benazir Development Program, so in this Benazir Development Program, all the people who are deserving have to register. Those who consider themselves deserving should register for this program as well, because under the Benazir Nishunma program, you can be provided assistance of 22 to 23 thousand rupees, which is for your child. There may be some food for development and along with that coffee and facilities can also be given to you. If you do this, you will continue to receive additional assistance up to Rs.10500


You will also get the assistance of the Benazir Development Program and if you will get the children’s scholarships from here, then it will continue to be given to you in the form of extra amount, so all of you must apply in these assistance programs and Remember that people who qualify for all three of these aid programs are often not kicked out of the program because they, Vagabonds are being disqualified from married couples who do not have children or who have not yet enrolled their children in the education program and are not included in the developmental program. is now being taken out of the program, so you can also get assistance of up to 25 thousand rupees and up to 30 thousand rupees if you enroll your children in the educational program and from here for Benazir Nashwa-like program. If you do a self-exam, then you can get this additional help.

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