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21 June 10500 Qist Mubarak Ho | Bisp New Update Phase 3 | Ehsaas Program 2024 | 8171 Web Portal

21 June 10500 Qist Mubarak Ho

I am delighted to inform you that I have received the full payment, and I am very happy with the arrangements here, including the water and seating facilities. Esteemed viewers, peace be upon you. Finally, the wait is over, and I am here to share the good news regarding the new installment of 5000. The third phase is starting on June 21, and many people will receive payments. A large number of people are now eligible, even those who were previously ineligible with scores between 35 and 37. The government has started re-evaluating their eligibility. This reassessment has been crucial in ensuring that more deserving individuals benefit from the program. We will also discuss whether those in the new survey and investigation phase will receive payments in this third phase. Additionally, those in the second phase have received a message from 711, but their payments have not yet been released. We will provide you with complete details shortly.

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has been a lifeline for many families across Pakistan, providing essential financial aid to those in need. The recent updates and the introduction of new phases reflect the government’s commitment to extending support to a broader segment of the population. This comprehensive update aims to clarify the distribution process, address common issues faced by beneficiaries, and outline the steps to ensure a smooth and transparent payment system.

 Bisp Program and Eid-ul-Adha Qist 2024

Eligibility and Challenges

Currently, many people are showing as eligible on the portal when checking their payment status, despite having previously been ineligible with scores over 35. The government had set a score limit of 32, but people with scores as high as 47 and 40 are now showing as eligible on the portal. This situation raises questions about whether these individuals will receive payments in the third phase. The frequent changes in eligibility criteria have created confusion among beneficiaries. The portal issues and changes in location for Benazir Income Support Program centers have caused delays, disrupting the payment process. Additionally, internet speed issues have made it difficult for many women to receive their payments. However, the location problems have now been resolved, and those who were previously assigned different locations have returned to their original ones and resumed receiving payments at their designated centers. The government has been working tirelessly to address these challenges. The relocation of payment centers and slow internet speeds were significant hurdles, but measures have been implemented to mitigate these problems. Beneficiaries are encouraged to verify their eligibility and payment status online before visiting the centers to avoid unnecessary trips. It is also important to highlight the importance of receiving confirmation messages before proceeding to collect payments. This step ensures that the process remains organized and that resources are allocated efficiently.

Dynamic Registration

Payment Phases and Instructions

The third phase will begin on June 21, with payments starting after the Eid holidays. People eligible for this phase will receive a payment of 10,500 rupees. It’s important to note that women must receive a confirmation message before collecting their payments. If you have received payments previously without a message, you should still check your status online before heading to the payment centers. The program’s issues with portal inaccuracies have caused confusion, showing previously ineligible people as eligible. This problem has led to unnecessary trips to payment centers.

8171 Portal New Update

Widow women with a score of up to 35 and disabled women with a score of up to 37 are eligible for payments. This adjustment in eligibility criteria acknowledges the unique challenges faced by these groups and aims to provide them with the necessary financial support. The payment process continues, and individuals will receive their payments as their eligibility is confirmed. Stay updated for the latest information and ensure you check your status before going to the payment centers. In summary, the Benazir Income Support Program remains a critical initiative for providing financial assistance to the most vulnerable segments of society. The upcoming phase on June 21 marks another step in this ongoing effort, with enhanced measures to ensure that payments are distributed fairly and efficiently. Beneficiaries are advised to stay informed and proactive in checking their eligibility and payment status to ensure a smooth and successful disbursement process.

Types of Women Affected  BISP Payment

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