13 May New payment update 2024 | How To Withdraw Payment 

13 May New payment update

The second installment of 10500 rupees has been formally announced by the government. This payment of 10 thousand five hundred rupees will be issued to those who are checked. You will not need to go and how long will the Nigheban card 12 thousand rupees be issued to you. We will give you the complete Details.

Important News About Payment 

The latest important news of this time is that one of 10500 rupees has already been distributed, now the other one will get 10500 rupees along with the government of Pakistan by issuing a notification. Also share with you the complete date of the notification. First of all, let us tell you that there are a large number of people who have been investigated and disqualified. Ineligible people will also be included in this, so let us tell you that there are a large number of survey people and there are also some people who have not done their survey yet. The beneficiaries who are qualified are already receiving payment, they are being sent to the list of eligible persons, but now, since most of them were under charge, the payment to most of the checked persons is Rs. 10,500. 

Who Are Eligible 

For the fodder tea, only those who have been examined have started to be eligible, while in the month of June, a large number of people will not be able to get the payment because they have been put in the list of invalids in the NAB survey by the government. Those eligible people who are already receiving money will get this payment and in any case they can receive that while a large number of people wanted to ask that we want to check the money of our children but If the money is not getting checked, where do we have to go to get the check? Some have just received and some will be released after payment. The retailers of Benazir Income Support Fund used to not know how much our children’s money has received and how many children have received their Eid money. This is not the case, now you will know how much payment your children have received in your account, then you can check your children’s money on the portal of 8171. Children’s money will not be shown separately, but the total payment. 

How To Check Payment 

If your money of 10,500 rupees is yours, then if you add the money of two children, then four thousand rupees will be added, then the total amount will be 16,500 rupees. You can check by sitting at home without any problem, you will find the portal link of 8171 in the description of the same video or click from there or write 8171 bsp.gov.pk on google or If you do not write 8171, then the first portal that will be shown will be 8171. Under this, you can check your money sitting at your children’s house. In the same way, there is a pram worth 12,000, which wants to be known as Nigehbaan Pram. If you have not applied for this, then in my previous video I have told you how to apply for registration under the new portal. A notification dated Monday 13th May 2024 for Qast BSP Regular Benefits has been issued which states that the payment will be issued to you on 13th May, but this notification is yet to be confirmed. Whether this notification has been issued through the official sources of the government or not, while the 10500 rupees is to be started in the month of May, it will generally start by the 15th. At the end of the video, like the video. Subscribe to Sach See you with a new update till then Allah Hafiz.

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