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In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Peace be upon you, viewers. Today, I bring you significant news regarding the Benazir Kafalat Program. Previously, beneficiaries received 1,500 rupees, but now the amount has been increased to 12,500 rupees. Is this true? If so, when will these payments start? We have an important update, or rather, great news to share. Additionally, we have recent updates concerning the current payments. We will discuss when you can expect your payments, what to do if you have been deemed ineligible, and when you might be re-enrolled in the program. This video will also provide steps for women who are eligible but have not yet received their payments. Will they receive them in this cycle or the next? Let’s delve into these details. But first, for those who haven’t subscribed yet, please do so to stay updated with the latest information.

Reasons for Ineligibility and Dynamic Survey Requirements

The most pressing issue right now is that many women have been declared ineligible for the Benazir Kafalat Program, and many more will be removed from the program by next month. You too could be deemed ineligible. How can you avoid this? We will explain shortly, but first, let’s discuss why people are being deemed ineligible. Primarily, those who have completed their Dynamic Survey and have a PMT score above 3 have been declared ineligible. Similarly, those who have not yet completed the Dynamic Survey are also gradually being removed from the program. Completing the Dynamic Survey gives you a 50-50 chance of remaining eligible. If you qualify, you will continue to receive payments; if not, you will be removed from the program. Those who do not complete the Dynamic Survey are 100% certain to be declared ineligible. However, there is no guarantee as to when this will happen—it could be this month or any time before the next payment cycle.

Who Are Disqualified From BISP

Next Steps for Affected Beneficiaries

If you have been declared ineligible, what can you do to become eligible again? Your eligibility will be reassessed two years after your initial Dynamic Survey date. Most people completed their surveys in 2024, so their next survey will be in 2026. After this survey, it will be determined who qualifies and who does not. For those at risk of losing their payments, it is crucial to complete the Dynamic Survey, which increases your chances of staying in the program by 50-50. If you qualify, you will continue to receive payments; if not, you will be removed from the program. You have a two-year period after being declared ineligible before you can take another survey. During this time, you should ensure that your information is up to date and accurate to increase your chances of requalification. Additionally, many beneficiaries who were previously shown a zero balance on the portal, including those who are eligible but have not received payments, will receive their payments in the next phase. If their region was not included in the first phase, they will certainly receive their payments in the second phase.

How To Check Payment on 8171 Web Portal

Future Expectations and Budget Updates

Regarding the increase from 1,500 rupees to 12,500 rupees, this will be officially confirmed in the June budget. There are rumors on social media, and while they may or may not be true, there is a strong expectation that this increase will happen. If confirmed, it will bring great joy to all beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program, who rely on this assistance. The potential increase in payments would provide significant relief to those in need. Stay tuned for further updates and ensure you complete your Dynamic Survey to maintain your eligibility.

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