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12000 Nigehbaan Portal online registration12000 Nigehbaan Portal online registration

12000 Nigehbaan Portal online registration

The original people sent their National Identity Card number to 8800. As they sent, many people received the desired message immediately that the last few in the Solar System program had been filled. It was said by the government that there were people from your solar system program whose SMS did not go, so can that family also get a solar system from the government and secondly there are many people who In the previous video, they are sending me a lot of SMS regarding the Benazir Income Support Program that we have been expelled from Benazir. Whatever new updates will be brought by the government.

How to apply 

First to apply in this program, inshallah, as soon as possible, because as soon as a new program is released, we are the first to come with the update. So, the first thing that we are concerned about is the Solar System Program, because Solus System Program has started registration, so the real name of the Solar System Program is Roshan Gharana. Worried which program is Roshan Gharana so Roshan Gharana and solar system program is same program and what is new code introduced by government for Roshan Gharana program is 8800 which enough people on Pura Messages are also being sent, many people are replying to the desired messages saying, “Congratulations to you for the solar system program. You have been selected in this program. You will get help, so-and-so. Such messages are coming, but not enough.” There are people whose message is not going, there are many people who are not replying.

How To Check Balance By Mobile Phone 

They should check their mobile phone if the balance is more than two rupees. Yes, it means that their SMS will go if they don’t have enough balance, then their message will not go at all. So what is their issue, so let me tell you that their only issue is that your identity card has been reviewed. That is, your identity card has been submitted to them, they will take the details of your identity card. A lot of people were worried about this thing, I hope all these problems of yours have been solved and let me tell you one thing that now Solar Up will not start meeting, now its registration process is going on. Insha Allah, you will get solar soon from this program. We are not getting money from Benazir, what should we do? I have told you one thing clearly in the previous video that registration center is open every day for registration in Benazir program. You have already done your registration. You come to us with a question. We have this problem. We have this problem. If you take me, your problem will also be solved. You will also be taken away from this program or from them. Many people are afraid that they are not educated and they will deceive us. 

New Government Announcement 

Until you take steps you can never be helped by the government because it is Eid that this clear announcement has been made by the government. If you have any kind of problem you can go to any nearby center. Go there, the center is closed only for two days, Saturday and Sunday are closed, the rest of the day, all days within seven days, that is, the center will remain open for five days, and within five days, you do not have to go anywhere and register your registration. You can get Azili done, now he has done simple approval for the Qur’an. It is necessary to have an ID. If you go there, you will be told, go round once and get the details from there again, then come back again, then take the details and go to them, do our work, this is our issue. will sort out the problem immediately and inshAllah will also give you assistance. Brothers with money, everyone has put you behind the recruitment of trucks, do this, do that, it means nothing, brother, until you go to the center, your work will not be done.

Important Update 

This is a lie, this information is a lie, I am telling you one thing clearly, for this reason, many people are making videos on YouTube, they are also giving good videos, many people are giving information, just us. They are giving information to others and others are giving information. It is correct, but you do not follow them. You must listen and then if you listen to me, then you will follow my words. How else will you follow someone else’s words? So this is the thing, click on one thing, go to the up center, from there you will be told in detail.

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