12000 Maryam Nawaz Negahban Program Update 2024

12000 Maryam Nawaz Negahban Program Update

A Negahban card is being issued by the government if this card worth 12 thousand rupees is your own. If you want to register your name, we will inform you with the complete update for that. On the other hand, many people are telling that the Mazdoor card is also being issued. How will you be notified by the medium that you have qualified and in this video of Aaj will also tell all those people who are pushed by the office and their work is not done there, how to get this work done and On the other hand, there are women who go to the place that gives money and they are told that you are disqualified, your hacked card has been hacked, you are out of any program, you are new people.

Nigehbaan Card Update 

Let us inform you that Maryam Nawaz is issuing Nigehbaan cards through which all such persons who are part of Benazir Income Support Program as well as Ehsaas Kafalat are being included in this program. According to the information so far, the number was 64 and 70 lakhs, it is being said that there will be people who are not part of the Benazir Income Support Program and Ehsaas Kafalat program. There are reports that the survey conducted by the polio teams and the records of the survey by the school teacher and the survey by the brothers can also be used for this program. You can only get the truth and many videos through trading. You will be informed about the update from the government through the same channel. 

Big Update for Nigehbaan Program 

On the other hand, let us tell you that there are 12 more details That the households benefiting from the Nighaban Rashid program will also be awarded by the government through the Deghaban ration card while the government has a subsequent plan program which after saying the card after the government ration program of the National Bank of Pakistan. The news of being run by Let us tell you that the government has started 8171 service messages through which all the eligible people are being informed and on the other hand there are families who have to get lessons and yet. The service was not done. They are also getting matches in New Dina. Now if we talk about the ration, Prime Minister Ramadan was a subsidy program of 370 billion rupees, in which people who have up to 70 government coins are being qualified. 

Eligible By PMT Score 

On the other hand, let me tell you Let’s say women who are LB and go for their survey and their score goes from 32 to more than 32 according to News Samit, their current case they have to meet is to try to take your test first. 10500 or any second or third category but their next case if they are re-eligible will continue for the next three years if they become ineligible then it will be on current day. It will be the last episode and will be replaced by Nile people who are currently in a new line or checking out or dropped out of the program for any reason. Along with this, the payment process of children’s education scholarships which were newly admitted children has also started at this time and the case of Rs. 105 is also being given. 

Survey Rostar update 

The survey of roster update is also being conducted at this time but such people who have their influence are doing their genius work through most of the offices who are poor poor people and their work is being avoided by them. is not properly surveyed due to which most of the poor people are disqualified from the government.

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