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10500 Payment Registration Through BISP Web Portal for Ineligible Persons

BISP Web Portal

If there is no BISP program office in your area, you can still register online through the BISP Web Portal. This guide will explain how to register, check your payment status, and verify registration for ineligible persons using the portal. Follow these step-by-step instructions to confirm your registration easily.

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10500 Payment Registration

Eligible individuals can receive an assistance amount of 10,500 rupees. To participate in this program, your monthly income must be 40,000 rupees or less. If you meet this criterion, you can register without any issues and receive the assistance amount every three months to help meet your needs.

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BISP Web Portal for Ineligible Persons

How to Register as an Ineligible Person Using the 8171 Web Portal

  1. Open the BISP Web Portal: Visit the official BISP website.
  2. Enter Your ID Card Number: On the main page, input your ID card number.
  3. Enter the Image Code: You will see a code in an image; type this code into the provided box.
  4. Click on “Find Out”: After entering the required information, click the “Find Out” button.
  5. Check Eligibility: The portal will inform you whether you are eligible for the program.
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Registration Procedure

To verify your registration, follow the steps outlined above. Open the portal, enter your information, and click the “Find Out” button. Once you are part of the program, you will be able to receive financial assistance from the Government of Pakistan easily.

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Final Words

By reading this article and following the detailed steps provided, you should be able to register for the BISP program without any difficulty. The registration process is straightforward, and eligible individuals can verify their registration and receive the financial support they need.

For any further details or assistance, please visit the official BISP website.

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