Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
10500 Payment Check Online10500 Payment Check Online

10500 Payment Check Online

Two types of people have lost their money and three types of families have been stopped. Their last installment is being transferred to their accounts which means they will get only one installment and some people will not even get this installment and all subsequent installments will be stopped. And till 2026, they will not be given the opportunity to register in this program again, which means they will not be able to go to the office to file any appeal regarding their registration or eligibility. They will receive all the upcoming installments as per their schedule and their money will never stop. Yes, there are also people who are under investigation and have been waiting for a long time to finally get our installments. When will we be included in this program then their waiting hours are over so moving towards the full details of all these updates.

BISP New Update 

First to know all the most important updates regarding the Benazir Income Support Program in which one of the latest updates is that the people in the Benazir Income Support Program who have completed their dynamic survey within the last six months. or have done your new registration. Let’s tell people the great news that about 70 percent of them whose PMT Spore has been less than 32 have now been declared eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program by the government. Qazi’s proportal was still telling them to check, but the payments have been received in their accounts and many web portals are not giving real updates, but you can check your payments as soon as you get a chance at the nearby campsite. You must confirm that your dynamic survey is not known. 

Registration Process Update 

How long has it been since registration or those who have received the eligibility message from 8171 before then they must receive their payment. Remembering that this time Benazir The goodwill of the income support program has been started in two phases, the first phase is ongoing and in the first phase the payments have been made in the accounts of the beneficiaries of the areas that are included in the districts and all the payments have been made through the 81 web portal. The show is going on and the good news for all the beneficiaries of the second phase is that the payments will start in their accounts before May 25 and they will receive these payments from May 25. will be started and we will be settled in their area and these payments will be issued from the camp side. For one, the beneficiaries who have done their dynamic survey yet their PMT score has not increased, then such women’s money will not be closed and there is a 100 percent chance that their money will never be closed. 

BISP Payment Release Update

They will not happen within the next three to four years and yes, along with this, there are people who have been part of the Benazir Income Support Program for the first time for the first time, and they have also been eligible for this. These installments are being released as a part of the program and for the future, these payments will continue until the next survey i.e. 2026. has said and his PM score has increased and his re-survey will be in 2026 and before this survey he cannot be a part of this program in any case. There are people who have completed their dynamic survey by entering their wrong information, then they have the opportunity to appeal, but their money has also been stopped for now. After that they can also be re-participated in the program and as mentioned earlier, 70% of the people are eligible in the screening and the rest As many as 30% of the 30% who were women have PMT scores above 32. Their screening is over, but they have been disqualified from the program, so their money has stopped.

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