Braking News: 10500 Online Survey For Men | Benazir kafalat Update 2024

10500 Online Survey For Men

A great decision of the government for the poor people, surely good news is being brought to the people, which all the people were waiting for, you know. Earlier only people with PMT score of 32 were made a part of Benazir Income Support Program but now up to 37 people who have PMT score will also be part of Benazir Income Support Program but in this regard You also have to understand some of the most important information, after that you will be able to get help under this program, along with its complete information will also be provided to you.

Men Survey Started

Good news is that men are also now surveyed. It has started to happen, before that women were only being allowed to do the dynamic survey or NSR survey for this program, but now men can also do their survey, so in what case will the men do the survey? Also going on to talk about and there is a great news for the screened people that the Screening is over and all the people have been qualified as well as the latest updates of Benazir Income Support Program full details in all these Regarding the types will be shared with you.

Registration process for men

What new update has been brought in the policy according to which men can also register for the Benazir Income Support Program, so now you have to understand that earlier only women can register for the Benazir Income Support Program. could be done, but now men can also get their survey done in the event that the man’s wife can’t go to the office or there are so many problems that she can’t go to the office to get her registration done. Even in this case, her husband can register his family to benefit from this program or there is a problem with his wife’s identity card, the identity card has been lost and you cannot find the identity card at the time of the survey. Still, men can get their survey done, along with this, you have to give complete details, questions are also asked to you during the dynamic survey, then you have to answer all the questions from the given date, then go and complete your registration process. 


It happens and you are considered eligible for this program. Of course, this is also great news for the public. Besides, a large number of people who were still under verification after registration, After completing the verification, they are eligible for the sponsorship program and their assistance is also released and if it is about six to seven months since your dynamic survey or new registration. And if your PMT score is less than 32, then you are eligible and the aid is released. In this regard, you should refer to your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office and provide all your details and your payments. You can get it checked. Well, now we move on to the most important update.

Important update

Let us tell you that all such people who have received free atta and free ration C gifts this time or have received 20 Eids, 5 thousand Eids or 10 thousand Eazi. If found, a new program has been announced by the government for these people, which will provide you with distribution on the purchase of ration. You can also check your eligibility from the hotel, you can also check your eligibility from the hotel, you can also get information about this on the Kasi Qatar web portal. Similarly, all such people who have been asked to re-submit should get their survey done first, otherwise their money will be stopped from this program. After the Eid holidays, these installments have started to be received regularly and in many areas these installments are being given in government schools and in many areas camp sides have also been opened because the devices have been switched off. Due to the beneficiaries facing problems in different areas, it may take some time to solve all these problems but the work is going on fast. Regarding whether there has been any problem and whether you have received the money for the children or not yet, you must tell in the comments and on today’s video.

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