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Major Announcement on Payment Distribution

1 June 10500 Qist Milna Shuro

Dear viewers, Assalam-o-Alaikum. We bring you good news as the wait for the second phase of payments is finally over. The new payment of ₹1,500,000 will commence soon, and the date has already been announced. We will provide detailed information on whether you will receive this payment from shopkeepers or if you need to visit the campsite. Additionally, we will cover whether children’s stipends will be included in this phase and provide all relevant details for those in the second phase who have been awaiting their balance. For those individuals who are not yet listed as eligible on the portal or whose payments are still under verification, we will offer comprehensive information on their status. But before we dive into the details, please like this video. If you haven’t yet subscribed to Shakeel’s channel, we request you to do so now and select “All” on the bell icon to ensure you receive the latest updates on government programs regarding payments. This will help you stay informed about any new developments or announcements.

Details on the Second Phase and Payment Process

The latest and most significant news is the initiation of the second phase of payments. Those in the first phase have already received their payments, including the children’s stipends. However, individuals in the second phase had not yet received their payments due to a new government policy. This policy aims to distribute payments in different phases to avoid overcrowding and ensure that everyone receives their full payment without any issues. We will provide specific details on when the second phase will start and which areas are included. In the first phase, the high demand caused token shortages, resulting in many women having to return home due to the extreme heat. Despite these challenges, payments are being carefully monitored and distributed. Women who had already received their payments initially had to return for the children’s stipends because they were unaware of these additional funds. With the introduction of the new policy, you will now know your eligibility and payment status upfront, which prevents unnecessary visits and ensures a smoother process compared to previous years. This improved system aims to minimize the hassle and ensure that recipients receive their payments more efficiently.

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Improvements in Payment Distribution and Area Inclusions

Previously, many women spent entire days at Benazir Income Support Program centers without receiving their payments. Now, the system has been improved to ensure that you know your eligibility and payment status before entering the centers, thus reducing unnecessary trips. The screening process has significantly improved, offering a better setup than before. This improved process is indeed a positive step by the government, as it has eased the payment process for women and minimized their inconvenience. The second phase of the 0500 payment scheme will start soon, and payments will be issued from designated campsites rather than shops. In the first phase, payments were distributed across 18 districts, including Upper Punjab and specific areas of Karachi and Hyderabad. This time, more districts in Sindh and South Punjab, including Multan, Khanewal, and Sadiqabad, will be included in the scheme, thereby expanding its reach. The first phase will continue alongside the second, ensuring a comprehensive rollout across the regions. This simultaneous rollout ensures that no one is left out and that all eligible recipients receive their payments promptly. The government’s continuous efforts to improve the system and extend its reach demonstrate a commitment to providing better support and services to the people.

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New Payment Schedule Announcement

The new payment phase for Karachi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan regions is about to commence. Those who are already receiving payments will continue to do so without interruption. The existing beneficiaries will receive their payments while new payments will be initiated for the next phase of recipients starting from June 1st. Beneficiaries can collect their payments from designated cash points and centers, but it is crucial to first verify their payment status on the 8171 portal. Many women often forget their identification cards at home; however, it is essential to bring your identification card along to receive your payment. Without it, you may be sent back empty-handed.

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Payment Verification and Collection

It is advisable to check your payment status online from home to avoid any inconvenience. If your payment is confirmed, you will have a smooth collection process. Even if you haven’t checked your status beforehand, it can be verified at the payment centers where the officials will inform you about the payment details and provide you with a receipt. Upon returning from the payment center, your payment will be verified again to ensure that the full amount has been received and no deductions have been made. The retailers are responsible for disbursing the complete payment amount to you. This new process ensures transparency and completeness in the payment distribution.

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Government Initiatives and Future Updates

This initiative is a positive step from the government and is being overseen by the new Chairperson, Rubina Khalid, who is dedicated to maintaining transparency in the payment process. The commencement of the second phase of the payment schedule signifies the government’s commitment to supporting the beneficiaries. We will be back with new updates soon. Until then, Allah Hafiz.

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